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vcita supports over 1.4M SMEs worldwide by providing friendly digital solutions that drive productivity, unlock growth opportunities, and build financial resilience. The vcita app helps SMEs manage the core elements of their business from one online hub that’s available from desktop and mobile. With vcita’s comprehensive business management solution, business owners and their team members can manage customer relationships from their highly-customizable CRM, collect and track payments with flexible online payment options, invite clients to discover & book services with online scheduling, and increase retention with easy marketing campaigns.

Solutions for SMEs

vcita guides SMEs as they venture into the digital space by providing access to digital tools and engaging educational experiences. We help SMEs bridge the gap and transform their business from offline, cash, pens, & papers, to online, trackable & scaleable. By digitalizing and automating their day-to-day, SMEs are able to significantly reduce administrative overhead, discover & activate new growth opportunities, and grow their bottom line. vcita app offers a friendly & intuitive user experience, enabling seamless onboarding and adoption.


– Offers a back-office solution for SMEs, as well as a client-facing app that’s easily customizable to the look-and-feel of any business.
– Mobile app is great for busy business owners who run their business from their pocket. The app provides immediate access to client details, history, notes and more.
– Offers a comprehensive solution that helps SMEs streamline and digitalize the main areas of their business in one app, reducing the high costs and administrative overhead of multiple apps that don’t communicate with each other.

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