Moving Forward – The UK Landing Pad

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September 2019:
“Israel’s unparalleled creative energy coupled with the UK’s business and industrial leadership make for a perfect match. When two innovation powerhouses come together, their ecosystems do more than just complement each other – they have the potential to transform industries and improve the broader economy,”                        Neil Wigan, OBE, HM Ambassador to Israel

In 2020 the hub is taking its next steps by establishing a Landing Pad in the UK. Operating on an annual partnership basis, the UK Landing Pad will be supported by high profile stakeholders, representing the core elements required to promote a shared UK-Israel ecosystem. Members will include high-profile corporates, investors and service providers, alongside some of the UK’s most influential public sector organizations. The immediate objective is to facilitate tech access to its partners – investment deals, trials, pilots and integrations.  

Read more about the hub’s exciting plans for the upcoming year in the newly published report – The Hub in 2020.