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About This Event
A series of webinars on demystifying healthcare in the UK and surmounting it's challenges...and nothing to do with COVID.

For 4 months the healthcare ecosystem has been inundated with COVID-related matters, when the fact of the matter is that most healthtech startups are not addressing COVID and are not rushing to pivot towards COVID.

However, innovation in healthcare is a slow and long game and we get that – some companies have products finally ready for market entry after years of hard work, and many others are developing products that won’t be ready for several years, with hurdles to be overcome around product development, regulation, healthcare economics and more.

The UK’s National Health Service is the largest healthcare provider in the world and in the past few months has undergone drastic changes, opening up more to innovation and technology than ever before.

Simultaneously, startups are adjusting and adapting their strategies – those that were focused on the US are in no rush to jump on a plane, and Britain (just a 2 h time difference with excellent tea) is a more appealing target than ever before. Or, put another way: when the world is in a crisis you do business wherever.

The UK Israel Tech Hub has partnered with some of the UK’s leading healthcare consultancies Hardian Health, Kaleidoscope Consultants, Pharmaceutical Resource Network and eg technology – each experts in their own domains, to bring you this carefully curated series to help demystify the UK and its wonderful National Health Service, focusing on getting back to business and not on COVID-19.

Not Another COVID Webinar Series - Summer 2020
  • 1st July, 15.30 IDT: The secret formula to getting digital health tech to market: Clinical evidence + Regulatory approval = Market entryHugh Harvey, Hardian Health
  • 15th July, 11:00 IDT: Multiple ways to skin Schrodinger’s cat – navigating the weird and wonderful NHS rules on data protectionDavid Stone, Kaleidoscope Consultants
  • 29th July, 11:00 IDT: Show Me the Money – Navigate the NHS Like a ProSharon Steel, Pharmaceutical Resource Network Israel
  • 12th August, 11:00 IDT: Think you know product development? Welcome to medical devicesDanny Godfrey, eg technology

Hardian Health will share with you the essential clinical and regulatory tips to get your product to market in the UK. The only way to sell a medtech/digital health solution to the NHS is with regulatory approval, and the only way you can get that is by generating relevant and compelling clinical evidence. This talk will walk you through all of the key steps in this journey.

This will cover key insights on:

  • A checklist of things you need before you start including tips on compliance – law, regulation and contract
  • Understanding key roles of organisations and people
  • The differences in law and NHS structure between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • The one universal truth that every company needs to know when dealing with the NHS – there is no universal truth
  • Feedback from Israeli clients, who are already successful in the UK, on what they have learnt – the good and the bad
An in-depth journey through the UK health and care sector where you’ll discover how money flows through organisations, how to identify key decision making contacts, and what you’ll need to cut through all the red tape. 
From enablers and influencers to support for innovators, this webinar is your expert led guide to real success with selling and the adoption of innovation in the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Starting with an overview of the product development process for medical devices, this webinar will move onto two of the most important, often overlooked aspects of product development – understanding the user and preparing useful specifications. Topics to be covered include:

  • The key things to consider from the outset of any development programme
  • Understanding the User – Why and How?
  • How to put together User and Product Requirements Specifications