Retail Innovation Club Annual Event 2020

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Event Expired!
About this Event

We’re pleased and excited to invite you to the Retail Innovation Club Annual Event 2020 in collaboration with the UK Israel tech HUB.


This year’s Annual Event, the 3D Virtual Retail-Tech Exhibition, will feature globally recognized brands alongside Israeli industry leaders, such as Nike, Adidas, FOX Group, Super-Pharm and Shufersal, as well as some of Israel’s most promising and fiercely innovative retail-tech startups.


Exhibiting 20 remarkable sessions, the Annual Event 2020 will be a fully immersive and industry-covering experience, serving as a focal point between the innovation success stories of highly relevant brands, the latest technological advancements across the industry, and the innovative trends and practices we’ll see in the future.


The sessions will explore fascinating topics within the fields of XR, Robotics, 3D Printing, Drones, Location-Based Marketing, Supply Chain, Computer Vision, Venture Capital in Retail, and more alongside our pitching exhibition showcasing 30 startups.

About The Retail Innovation Club

Founded in collaboration with Israel’s leading commercial real estate and retail groups. Together we teamed up in order to really understand the retail industry needs, challenges and opportunities, using our direct access to Israel’s startup network.