A provider of hyper-customized AI solutions in a fast time-to-value.


BeyondMinds is proposing a new paradigm for deploying production-grade AI solutions across enterprises. We believe that impactful AI solutions should neither be built from the ground up, nor bought off-the-shelf, but rather hyper-customized to fit the business problem and constraints. We have developed the world’s first modular AI technology stack to solve the challenges that currently hold back enterprise AI adoption. With the BeyondMinds Modular Engine (BME) we enable enterprise AI transformations, addressing real-world complexities and scaling AI efficiently.

Solutions for SMEs

BeyondMinds has developed a highly efficient technology, the BeyondMinds Modular Engine (BME), that enables us to bring AI to production at a lightning speed, shortening time-to-value from years to weeks. Our solutions are deployed as a service (AI-as-a-Service), in a private or public cloud, according to the customer constraints and needs. BME solutions offer three unique differentiators: they are hyper customized, production grade, and future-proof.


At BeyondMinds we have developed an AI platform to accelerate the development of hyper-customized, future-proof, and production-grade AI solutions. It is a new kind of technology that combines the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution (speed, production-grade, and future-proof) with the specificity of building your own model (a tailor-made solution that meets specific needs and constraints). Such platform is designed to overcome the main barriers in AI adoption.

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