Frictionless Mobile Banking & Payments Fraud Prevention


Paygilant is a revolutionary frictionless digital banking and payments anti-fraud company, designed for the new Fintech era. Paygilant’s innovative approach eliminates the trade-off between fraud prevention, frictionless authentication and user’s privacy, delivered with outstanding simplicity.

Solutions for SMEs

Paygilant enables financial and eCommerce organizations to boost their revenue, by enhancing the user experience and preventing fraud before the transaction occurs. Its easy-to-integrate patented technology, utilizes six proprietary Intelligence Sets including App Insights, Bio Markers, Activity Map, User Space, Device DNA and Transaction View, which work in harmony to deliver value from day-one.


Paygilant’s solution is designed for the fast growing Fintech space. Unlike other solutions which do not effectively address the need for a seamless user experience, accurate fraud prevention with max privacy, Paygilant’s covers it all. Using an easy-to-integrate patented technology which utilizes six proprietary intelligence sets, Paygilant simply triggers a real-time risk score, together with a “risky” alert when fraud is detected and a “safe” one when the legitimate customer has been successfully authenticated.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Fraud, Cyber, Fintech.
Focus Industries: Yes. Challenger banks, eWallets, Mobile payments (Retail, eCommerce, Mobility, Energy and other).

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