PLANETech – Countries Investing in Climate Tech

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About This Event

Join PLANETech’s launch event where they will bring together speakers from the world’s leading countries in climate change technologies. At the event, said speakers will share opportunities for funding and innovation programs led by their countries to support technology development and implementation to meet national goals.

Opening remarks:
  • Gila Gamilel – Minister of Environmental Protection, Israel.
  • Vincent Tchenguiz – Chairman, Consensus Business Group.
  • Uriel Klar – Director, PLANETech.
  • Nick Bridge – Special Representative for Climate Change, United Kingdom.
  • Marcel Beukeboom – Climate Envoy, Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Emanuele Giaufret – EU Ambassador to Israel, European Union.
  • Finn Mortensen – CEO at State of Green, Denmark.
About PLANETech

PLANETech is the innovation community of the Israeli and global climate tech ecosystem, tackling the most prominent global challenge – climate change. PLANETech devotes its efforts to support climate change technologies, which are part of a broad set of sectors that face the challenge of decarbonizing the global economy. The community is a non-profit organization, which is a joint venture of the Israeli Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group.