UK-Israel Climate Change Innovation Forum

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About the Event

As Climate Change effects touch almost all industries and layers of human life, the agriculture and food industries, from farm till last mile deliveries, have a crucial role in the efforts to minimise the effect on Climate Change.

On our second event, we will hear first hand from Rob Ward, a UK investor, serial entrepreneur, and an expert on the UK’s Ag-Foodtech industries. Rob will share his deep knowledge on these industries and how technology already is and will be driving the change on their Climate Change impact. With him on our virtual stage will be Jack Levy, a leading investor & expert from the Israeli Cleantech ecosystem, who will provide an overview of this sector in Israel, trends and success stories.

The fireside chat, moderated by Hadar Huberman from the UK Israel Tech Hub team, will touch the below topics:

  • Current challenges for the Food and Farming industries in the UK and globally, and what is their main impact on Climate Change
  • Spotlight on the technologies that tackle the effect on Climate Change – meat replacements, food waste and big data. The disruptive technologies available, their adoption and the challenges on the way.
  • Nurturing Agri-Foodtech startup innovation – how can the industry help startups and scale-ups to contribute to solving the urgent challenges facing the global ag-food industry

We want to allow you enough time to tackle our experts with your questions, and encourage you to bring them up during the Q&A slot!

Watch what you missed

The UK, British Embassy and Climate Change

As one of the world leaders in tackling climate change, the UK has put clean growth at the heart of its Industrial Strategy, by setting out ambitions to reduce carbon emissions while supporting a thriving green economy. The upcoming year will have a unique focus: the UK will be hosting COP26, the International Climate Change Conference (new date November 2021).

The UK-Israel Climate Change Innovation Forum will bring together the brightest minds from both countries to shed light on the rapid innovation needed in the sector, promote collaboration between businesses and investors as well as encourage best practices sharing on climate change innovation.