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Women innovators raising the bar: leading strategies to boost your funding.

Join our second specially curated UK-Israel Women Leading Innovation online event on Wednesday 8th July, where leading VCs and Founders in Israel and the UK will  share concrete solutions to raising capital, specific opportunities to access cross-border networks and best business practices during uncertain times.

We invite you to join our network, aiming to support, connect and share practical advice for women professionals in Israel and the UK. A great opportunity to gain access and hear from top experts in both countries.

During this panel, we will aim to understand:

  • How the fundraising environment has changed in Israel and the UK since COVID-19 and what are investors looking for today?
  • Which funding opportunities are available for women founders in both countries?
  • Top tips for networking and gaining access in today’s reality
  • What VCs in both countries do to ensure they are inclusive and diverse?


This event is part of a series is organised by the Prosperity Team at the British Embassy, and the British Council in Tel Aviv.

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