Critical incident management platform.


Exigence provides complete command and control of critical incidents, whether for technology operations, security, or drills and business continuity tests. It uniquely addresses every aspect of the incident, turning an unstructured situation into one that is structured and easy to manage. The platform coordinates all stakeholders and systems all the time, orchestrating complex workflows from trigger to resolution, simplifying the postmortem, and leveraging lessons learned for ongoing optimization.


Exigence Situation Room helps global incident response teams execute efficiently and effectively – regardless of where each team member is located. Making sure that dispersed and work-from home-employees, who are part of the incident team, can manage a critical incident effectively.


1. Stakeholders come together to get briefed, onboarded, aligned, and updated
2. Team members are assigned to roles clearly, quickly, and comprehensively
3. Incident management and documentation is centralized
4. Reports and updates are automatically sent to every stakeholder, including management in real time with action items and/or updates about progress



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