Hub Security

A highly secure, highly flexible enterprise key management platform to protect digital assets and secure, sensitive transactions.


Hub Security protects and enables the digital enterprise by delivering Cryptographic Key Management Solutions at the highest security standard and agility to address the changes that are affecting the modern financial industry today. Our Platform includes personal hardware (mini HSM) devices that allow for business controls anytime and from everywhere without compromising the security and integrity of the entire system. Use our platform to manage the entire business flow and approvals among the different owners of transactions in your organisation. Hub Security’s core HSM is built for FIPS 140-2 level 4 NIST certification.


Hub Security enables bank and financial continuity while COVID-19 crisis continues. Fully secure transaction processes done from home while Coronavirus quarantine. Use case: A bank official or end user will have a secure device (MiniHSM) which is connected to his mobile phone or computer BUT isolated from the internet by our unique military-grade technology and hardware architecture. That isolation eliminates any cyber and privacy threat from the web, home computer or the personal mobile phone.
Using the Hub Security device the bank official can approve any transaction on a secure screen while receives a transaction request from the core HSM system. All transactions between the MiniHSM and the CoreHSM are encrypted and digitally-signed so only the specific member gets the message on their MiniHSM, can open it on the secured screen and can approve the request.


-Flexible design to configure and customize innovative use-cases and applications easily and quickly.
-Hand-held HSM’s for ensuring security of the highest standard is applied to the entire transaction flow include.
-Reduce the risk of attack on digital assets and sensitive transactions with ultra-secure FIPS Level 4 designed platform
-Protect and scale the modern business at lower cost with a multiCore, HW multitenant HSM platform that allows for business continuity, accelerated processing and multiple accounts on one box.
-For blockchain and non-blockchain use cases.



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