Predictive Service Analytics


Over 40% of IT and other service projects fail to realise their expected value, leading to hundreds of $B leakage annually. This is nearly always due to the accumulation of predictable factors causing delay, scope uncertainty and cost overrun. Ginzi’s predictive analytics focuses on these factors to highlight which projects are at-risk at an early stage. It then provides clear and practical insights to get those projects back on track before they have a significant adverse business impact.

Solutions for SMEs

Both SME service providers and customers suffer from projects which fail to meet their expected business value. According to World Commerce and Contracting this leads to leakage of 10% of most customers bottom line and this number is even higher for service providers. Our solution helps in preventing such failure by identifying problems early on before they have meaningful business impact.


– Predictive: identifying issues before they have meaningful business impact.
– Light touch: simple and light touch onboarding process.
– Focuses on delivery phase: while many tools focus on procurement, we focus on risk in the delivery phase.
– Analyzes relationship risk: focusing on relationship risk, while existing solutions focus on other areas of risk.
– Tracks governance & comms: generating governance & comms data which is usually ignored.
– Offers immediate value: generating value for clients from day-one.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Software Development, Vendor Management.
Focus Industries: Software Development providers.

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