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The Wohl Clean Growth Alliance – a new initiative funded by the Wohl Legacy and managed by the British Council together with the UK Science and Innovation Network in Israel (SIN), in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology. Aiming to further research-linked cooperation between the UK and Israel in areas of clean growth linked to food, water & energy

The programme is open for UK-IL partnerships application between academic institutions, as well as a startup-academy collaboration. A flexible grant scheme, with grants of up to £20,000 (Click here for more information):

Who can be funded:
  • Must have at least one UK and one Israeli co-applicant Other collaborators can take part, but we can only fund the UK-IL element.
  • The grant can only go to a UK or Israeli university or research institution, who can then distribute funds as needed.
  • Can be academic–academic, academic-industry collaboration (start-ups, scale-ups, and more), policymakers, think tanks, educational organisations, charities, and more.
What can be funded:
  • Travel and accommodation.
  • Costs relating to hosting or participating in events.
  • Consultancy, professional or legal fees.
  • Licensing costs, administrative costs and fees.
What can’t be funded:
  • Direct research costs (research materials or equipment).
  • Student fees and/or stipends.
  • Contributions towards academic salaries or pension costs.
Upcoming Activities:
Previous Activities:
More About This:

The Wohl Clean Growth Alliance also aims to build high-level partnerships with organisations in the UK and Israel; Co-host events and meetings; Build new communities and spark connections between academic researchers and policy makers, start-ups, third sector organisations, etc; Work with the UK Science and Innovation Network, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and relevant UK government departments to participate in COP26 activities; Aid and sponsor community-led initiatives to help build a community where projects align with our aims but do not fit the grant scheme.

For more information, contact –