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AimBetter provides a complete service that builds a secure shield around your whole data operation.


AimBetter built an end-to-end, effective and affordable, IT data-driven performance solution that is essential for IT teams of SMEs. AimBetter combines deep database experience with extensive computer technology know-how to manage all database elements of your business. Our expertise comes from years of working with thousands of SQL servers and hundreds of SMEs and large companies. Our established customer base includes more than 600 companies in 12 countries. We offer parallel business models for UK entities with direct sales to individual customers or partnerships with resellers, MSPs and other channel partners, including service providers.
AimBetter identified a need for a cost-effective, SaaS solution to help IT staff solve any issue quickly and efficiently. Our artificial intelligence application analyses complex database issues without the expense of employing an in-house database specialist or installing local IT infrastructure. Slow IT systems are not just signs of larger problems, but translate into a loss of productivity that is responsible for financial losses. AimBetter’s solution is not to just put out fires, but to locate the underlying issues that are the cause of performance problems.
The AimBetter application takes just 15 minutes to install and starts to work immediately. There are three steps that take place initially to provide you with our solution:
1. After installation, an in-depth analysis of all components begins and takes several days to complete. We provide your IT staff with a detailed report.
2. One of our DBAs reviews the report with your IT manager and highlights the issues that have been identified. The DBA offers expert advice on improving the system in order to achieve maximum performance of your system.
3. The third step involves our experts working directly with your IT staff to walk them through the various treatments to fix the problems that were identified in the report.
4. Once the changes are made, our AI-driven application continues to monitor your system and provide you with the expert service for keeping your system working at its peak performance level.
Once the initial analysis and fixes are made, our AI-based engine behind the system monitors and automatically detects anomalies in Microsoft Server environments, often before the issue seriously impacts performance. It reports the root source, whether it resides in the database, system or application layers, locally or in the cloud. After identifying the problem, the AimBetter application produces recommendations for immediate resolution, which effectively improve the uptime and performance of IT systems (such as ERPs and CRMs) and boosts efficiency across all departments. The solution is fully cloud-based, GDPR compliant, and monitors both on-premise and cloud environments.
AimBetter’s AI analysis works 24/7 to proactively detect issues, making it an essential tool for SMEs. The solution enables IT staff to ensure the smooth operation of your IT system.


As a result of the radical changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an enormous need for robust and secure remote access to all aspects of corporate management. AimBetter’s cloud-based system was designed from the ground up for working remotely, making it ideal for the challenges that COVID-19 presents. We always recognised that management needs to be able to see exactly what is happening wherever and whenever they are, 24/7.
When remote access is needed, organisations cannot afford to have performance issues, interruptions or latency problems. AimBetter offers specific and distinct advantages that are essential for facilitating remote management of customers’ systems. The tool will help you to make quick decisions, target vendor intervention to the core of the problem and receive recommendations on essential improvements for a better day-to-day operation.


1. Increased productivity — Our system substantially reduces the time IT staff spend on identifying problems, collecting all the information and then solving them. This means more uptime and increased productivity for specialised staff.

2. Zero upfront investment — We offer an advanced AI system for a fixed month-by-month fee, without the need for an initial investment. Our solution does not require local computer resources, additional hardware, storage, software licenses or any other ancillary facilities.

3. 24/7 supervision — We provide expert supervision of systems in order to reduce downtime, improve performance, data timeliness and accuracy by alerting you to problems and offering both automated and live, human advice for handling. We also have a service package that provides our own DBA team that can fix any problems.

4. Secure by design — We are committed to complete data security. Our fully encrypted system (ISO 27001 compliant) is designed so that no actual corporate data is read. Live analysing activity is displayed through the AimBetter SaaS website, which operates on the Zero Trust model, so no additional access to your company’s network is required.

Whether you are an SME or a UK-based service provider looking to use our tools to tap into the thousands of UK companies that already rely on SQL Servers, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration of our system.



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