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AimBetter provides a complete service that builds a secure shield around your whole data operation.


AimBetter provides companies and organizations that rely on SQL Server RDBMS a complete, effective, and affordable database monitoring solution that we believe is applicable to a major sector of the UK economy.
SQL Server is one of the most popular database platforms for businesses of all sizes in the UK, ranking third overall but probably even higher in SMB where it outshines the others, as they are geared for massive government and corporate entities.
Our established customer base covers more than 600 companies/organizations in 12 countries, and we offer parallel business models for UK entities: – for direct sales to individual customers, for partnerships inside specific target markets that will on-sell our services, and for service providers who can establish their own service centers, sharing our established software portfolio and development expertise.
UK businesses relying on SQL Server need solutions that are agile and responsive and bring with them full capability in the need for absolutely complete cybersecurity. AimBetter offers the most modern, affordable, cost-effective, and complete service solution that will meet all these needs.


As a result of the radical changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an explosion in the need for robust and secure remote access to all aspects of corporate management. AimBetter was made for working remotely, not just in reaction to COVID-19, but from its very foundation.
AimBetter offers three specific and distinct advantages that are essential for facilitating remote management of the customer’s systems.
First, AimBetter has a minimal footprint inside the computer infrastructure of the customer. As a result, it needs no hands-on attention to perform its routine functions, or for maintenance and upgrades – it is a classic “set and forget” offering.
Secondly, all of the functions of the advanced AI-based data analytics needed to produce the clear and current reporting needed in database monitoring are performed off-site in our own level 3 secure data center. Customers are never exposed to risk through access from external locations.
Finally, the full range of reporting by the AimBetter package is presented wholly on-line, real-time via browsers or mobile devices. Users can access, view, and react to up-to-the-minute alerts and notifications wherever they are.
So much has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but working with AimBetter remains the same, because we always recognised that management needs to be able to see exactly what is happening wherever and whenever they had to.


1. Zero up-front investment – AimBetter offers a month-by-month package to end users that requires no investment. Most significantly, unlike most other RDBMS monitoring systems, we require no local computer resources, additional hardware, storage, software licenses or any other ancillary facilities.

2. For end-users, AimBetter provides expert daily supervision of their system, drawing attention to any alerts, offering advice for handling, as well as a service package that provides our own DBA team’s activity to fix any problems.

3. AimBetter is committed to, and the system designed for, complete data security. No actual corporate data is read! Only fully encrypted (ISO 27001 compliant) readings of system metrics are passed into the AimBetter level 3 secure data center. For live monitoring activity, the output is displayed through the AimBetter SaaS cloud-based website, access to which operates on the Zero Trust model, so no additional access into the user company’s network is required.

4. Excellent cost-effective solution. Advanced AI methodology, for a fixed monthly fee. Tangible direct benefits for all include reduced downtime, improved performance, data timeliness and accuracy, and more.

5. AimBetter will substantially reduce the time DBAs spend identifying problems, collecting all the information about them, and then solving them. Gives direct savings in costs, and improvements in total productivity for specialized staff.

6. Existing service providers inside the UK market can earn substantial revenue by selling AimBetter’s services in partnership with us, or by themselves becoming AimBetter service centers, opening up the possibility of tapping into the thousands of UK companies and organizations that already rely on SQL Server and need just such an advanced service.



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